Just a routine disruption.

I’ll admit this post snuck up on me a little bit, timing wise. Ordinarily, I would have had a piece completed, and scheduled to post this morning but I think I’m feeling the time-warping after effects of hosting family and friends for the past week. I think that’s the longest we’ve ever had visitors. I enjoyed spending the time with everyone. Now that our last guest has departed and my head has cleared, I can get back to work. 

I look up, and whoa!, it’s February already. Then I realize, this is now my ninth month since leaving my job to focus on developing my creative business. A little bit of a milestone. Hard to believe that in three short months I’ll have been out on my own for a year. 

So, what has been the biggest change so far? Well, the most important is that I feel so much better. Physically and mentally. I’ve written about how I knew coming into last year that it was time for a change but I don’t think I really appreciated how much I needed that change to actually occur. I’d been grinding away in my routine for so long that the routine itself felt like reality. Not a reality but a singular reality. Like what I was doing was what I was supposed to do. Until I realized that the routine I had fallen into was neither. Reflecting on this, it sounds so simple. Maybe it is. But for me, no.

Changing my routine has fundamentally changed my reality. And all the new has taken some time to get used to. But the best part is that the creative part of me has started to show up. Like I’ve given that part of myself the room it really needs to roam. It feels like I’m standing on the frontier of everything new.

And, I love it.

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