Oh, how far you’ve come!

I started this post right after returning from visiting my mom, whom I hadn’t seen since before the pandemic. Mom’s doing as well as one can expect of a nonagenarian. We had a wonderful time together. There’s a lot of wisdom there.

Aside from the expected “How’ve you been,” Mom wanted to know what I’ve been doing with myself these days. As I was bringing her up to date on the last few years, I invariably told her about the business and all things I’ve been working on. I realized in the telling that…I’ve done a lot over the last two years. It felt good to hear myself run through it all. And that’s the message I want to pass along in this post. If you haven’t done so ever, or at least in a while, take a moment to celebrate your accomplishments out loud. You might just surprise yourself with all there is to to recognize.

Last month was kinda tough for me due to a bunch of reasons not worth boring you with here. Motivation, something I generally have a lot of, was missing. Then I decided to clean out my garage. I needed to see myself making progress toward something that had a definite finish line. Endurance cycling is a lot easier than business. I know that if I only keep pedaling, I’ll eventually achieve the goal I set out on. I’ve a little computer on my bike that shows me ride data in real time. Miles completed, gradient, speed, etc. are all data points that pull me forward.

In building a business, progress isn’t always so easy to see. But I realized, from finishing my garage and that conversation with my Mom, it’s there. And being able to recognize that, however you do it, is maybe all you need to keep pedaling.

Be well.

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