Herb Garden Starter Kit


Herb garden kit in a burlap sack.



There are few things that bring me as much joy and a sense of accomplishment as my vegetable garden. I putter around in it so much Kel started calling me Farmer Chris. Just being in it makes me feel good. Not surprising since more than enough studies show that being in close proximity to nature is related to positive health outcomes.

I wanted others to experience some of what I have so I created this herb garden starter kit. Herbs don’t require a lot of space, are easy to grow and maintain, and cooking with fresh herbs is a game-changing move. I’ve pulled together everything needed to start one’s gardening journey except the water. All in a little burlap sack. Perfect for starting your own garden or as a gift. From Farmer Chris to you.

Sourced, designed, printed and assembled by hand right here at Flour Design Studio.