My one day is today. I’m excited I’m starting again.

Flour Design Studio is technically my third business. I imagined having my own business from the moment I began my career in the mid-80’s. When I was in my early thirties, it happened. I quit my job, cashed out my little retirement account and started Christopher Smith Architect in a corner of my basement. That business grew quickly. Less than two years later, I had a business partner – and business number two – along with seven or eight employees. I can’t recall the correct number now. It was all such a blur. Within five years, it was all gone. The economy crashed and my limited entrepreneurial skills simply weren’t good enough for the times. I was in debt, and my dream of owning my own business ended. That part hurt the most. But, that failure, and I’m okay with referring to the experience that way now, wasn’t the end. And it wasn’t all bad.

I learned a lot, and I always thought one day I’d try again. Well, Flour Design Studio, is my “one day.” About twenty years later. I never would have predicted that trying again would take twenty years or that I’d still have the interest to do so. Yet, I’m super excited and can’t wait to see what’s up the road ahead. Like climbing a mountain, I guess I’ll just have to keep pedaling.

I invite you to come along with me for the ride. If you’re just curious to see how I make out, or maybe you’re starting your own business or even just thinking about doing so. We’ll learn together.

Happy to meet you,


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