Staying the course: A reflection on building my community

Last February, I wrote about my conflicted feelings in regards to the use of social media to build my business. Basically, I said I wasn’t a fan for a number of reasons, not the least of which is what I saw as the irresponsibility of the companies that provide the various services. A year later, I can say not much has changed. And this really is too bad because I’ll acknowledge that utilizing one or more of the popular services would greatly amplify the reach of my current efforts. I’ve resigned myself to an approach that I knew would be slow. Not quick like a rabbit.

I started my business because I wanted to see if I could build a something successful that fully reflected who I am. And who I am just doesn’t seem to mesh with the social media ethos. Oh well. My only acceptable option to build the business, and community I envision is to stay the course I’ve set for myself. Thankfully, I’m seeing signs of progress. As I’ve continued to reach out and schedule meetings with others, I’m always amazed when they tell me that they’ve been reading my blog. Honestly, I didn’t think that anyone was really reading it. But to hear otherwise, and have folks tell me how a particular post of mine inspired a thought or reflection? – that’s so gratifying. Maybe I’m reaching more people than I know. This keeps me moving toward my goal. Another sign, is the growing number of subscribers to my email marketing newsletters. This past January, I began to formally market my micro-bakery. I started with seven subscribers, two of which were my spouse and me. Today, I’ve just added my twenty-second. Some might say, that’s tiny. And they’d be right. But what they don’t know is that the subscriber goal I’ve set for my baking studio is 250. In three months, I’m almost to ten percent of my target. 

So, I’ll continue to build my business in the way that works for me. Organically, and slowly, relationship by relationship.

Like a turtle.

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