Staying true to my unique POV

Building on the theme of my last post, I wanted to spend a bit more time addressing the idea of staying true to one’s unique self. I’ve written a couple of times now about my misgivings with social media. But something different that I’ve been unclear about is the vision I have for my business. Specifically, I’m thinking about the role I see my baking workshop playing in the vision I hold for the Studio. I’ve sort of treated that component as a strong interest or hobby rather than a key part of what I see as what my business really is. In retrospect, I know why I’ve done this. It’s because I’m concerned that others won’t understand what it is that I do. On the surface, the architecture/design and baking don’t go together. I get it. I didn’t want to confuse people. But in that, I’ve shortchanged myself. And I’ve given up too much power to those who may or may not have considered working with me.

Recently, this has all begun to change. I’ve decided that no, I’m going to fully embrace my vision. The one where because of who I am, I’ve managed to create a hybrid business that people are likely unfamiliar with. I’ve started making changes to my website that tells the truer story. I realize there’s a cost to doing this. I’ll likely lose potential customers or clients unable to cross the psychic divide. 

That’s okay.

I’ll trust that the people who stick around or elect to move forward with me are doing so because of who I am rather than who I am not. This, is worth the trade off.

Don’t join the crowd. Separate from it.

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